Israeli Association for the

Study of European Integration

European Studies Program, Tel Aviv University

TAU ENGHEB bold Logo UpdateName of program: European Studies Program

The department and faculty in which the program is situated: The School of Political Science, Governance and International Relations at the Faculty of Social Science

Which degree? Certificate studies for graduate students (third year students admitted too)

לוגו בית ספרInstitute of study: Tel Aviv University

What is the main focus of the program? The objective of the EU study program is to provide basic knowledge and training on the political-economic-social-legal order in contemporary Europe (not including Russia).

What is the uniqueness of this program? About 10 of the program's winners will be selected by the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf, Germany (at its sole discretion) for a one-year MA program in full-funded EU studies.

What part of the program is dedicated to the EU (between 30-100%)? 100% of the Program is dedicated to the EU.

Total no. of credit points to finish the program (no. of academic hours): 16 for Certificate studies

Language of teaching: Hebrew (2 courses in English)

Link to the program site:

What can you do with a degree from this program? The program is has an occupational focus – preparing the students to the job market.

Contact details: Limor Rachmanov This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.