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1. All IASEI members must pay annual membership fees but may choose to pay these fees anytime during the year. IASEI Executive Committee may open some activities for participation only to members that have already paid their annual fees.
2. Membership fees may be paid online here, or alternatively by regular mail, by downloading filling and sending the appropriate form together with a check to the order of Israeli Association for the Study of European Integration, or cash to Dr. Maya Sion Tzidkiyahu, The European Forum, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem 91905. A receipt will be sent to the address filled in this form.
3. The annual membership fees are 60 NIS for students in institutions recognized by the Israeli Council for Higher Education, subject to sending a copy of a student card valid for the day of the payment/registration, or 120 NIS for others. An additional charge of 5 NIS applies for online payments, to cover Paypal fees.Students note - Paying student membership fees in itself does not ensure the membership if a copy of the student card was not sent.
4. The day of payment/registration is the day in which the envelope reached the above address.
5. Subject to Article 6 below, membership fees paid in this online form are membership fees for the year in which the payment day falls. For example, a payment on 1 January 2015 is regarded as membership fees for 2015.
6. According to the decisions of IASEI General Assembly, in order to avoid a situation of non payment but continued membership and voting rights, members who did not pay fees during 2016 cease to be members of IASEI on 1 January 2017. Such people wishing to renew their membership during 2017 must pay their fees for 2017 as well as for 2016. 

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The Israeli Association for the Study of European Integration provides a forum for debate and exchange of information among academics, policy makers, business leaders and NGOs. Its activities consist mostly of seminars and conferences.
The aims of IASEI are:
• Strengthening European integration issues as a scientific discipline.
• Encouraging the study and teaching of European integration in Israel.
• Developing relationships with the associations for European studies in the world, as well as with the EU Delegation to the state of Israel.
Membership in IASEI is open to anyone who supports these aims and pays the membership fee
Membership in IASEI:
• Supports its activities and helps develop them;
• Is conditional for electing and being elected to IASEI institutions;
• Allows access to activities that may not be open to the public.