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Study of European Integration

Dr. Tal Dingott Alkopher


Dr. Tal Dingott Alkopher is a lecturer at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her main research interests are: IR theories, especially Constructivism, the historicity of Just War Doctrine, European security and Immigration. Among her publications are articles in International Studies Quarterly, Millennium, and Cooperation and Conflict. Her book Fighting for Rights: From Holy Wars to Humanitarian Military Interventions has been published in 2013. Her recent projects dealt with the Political Psychology of Integration Strategies: The Case of The European Commission's Interculturalism, that is forthcoming in the Journal of International Relations and Development and Schengen Area Shaken: The Impact of Immigration-Related Threat Perceptions on the European Security Community which is co-authored with Ms. Emmanuelle Blanc, LSE.


Dr. Roby Nathanson

תמונה רובינתנזון

  Dr. Nathanson began his studies in economics and business administration at the University of Köln, where he obtained his MA in economics in 1978. During this period he conducted comprehensive research on: "The Economic Structure and Behavior of the Kibbutz". In 1982 he was awarded a PhD in economics from the University of Köln, with specialization in international trade and development. After receiving his degree, he joined the International Trade Department at Bank HaPoalim (1983-1984), where he remained until his appointment in 1985 as macro-economic policy advisor to the Histadrut during implementation of Israel's Economic Stabilization Program. 


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Sara Kahn-Nisser

שרהועדתביקורת    Sara Kahn-Nisser has been a lecturer at the department of Sociology, Political science, and Communication at the    Open University of Israel since 2012. She    earned her PhD with highest distinction from Bar Ilan University in    2009, specializing in international relations.


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