Israeli Association for the

Study of European Integration

Dr. Tal Sadeh

Since 2001 Dr. Sadeh is with TAU. Among other tasks he was BA and MA curricular advisor, member of the Senate, member of the report team to the departmental review committee, head of the Harold Hartog School of Government and Policy, and Academic Advisor to the European Studies program.
In recent years Dr. Sadeh was visiting scholar at Victoria University, Institute Barcelona D'Estudis Internacionals, University of California San Diego, Central European University, Pittsburgh University, and the Hertie School of Government Berlin. Dr. Sadeh is a member of the editorial board of the academic journal International Interactions and a referee of scientific studies at leading journals.

(2014), 'The Euro's Effect on Trade', European Union Politics.
(2011), The Political Economy of Europe's Incomplete Single Market (London: Routledge) (co-edited with Howarth).
(2009), 'Explaining Europe's Monetary Union – A Survey of the Literature', International Studies Review (co-authored with Verdun).
(2009), 'EMU's Diverging Micro Foundations - A Study of Governments' Preferences and the Sustainability of EMU', Journal of European Public Policy.
(2008), 'Economic Interests and the European Union: A Catalyst for European Integration or a Hindrance?', British Journal of Politics and International Relations (co-authored with David Howarth).
(2007), 'Legitimacy and Efficiency: Revitalizing EMU Ahead of Enlargement', Review of International Political Economy (co-authored with Jones and Verdun).
(2006), Sustaining European Monetary Union: Confronting the Cost of Diversity (Boulder: Lynne Rienner).
(2006), 'Adjusting to EMU: Electoral, Partisan and Fiscal Cycles', European Union Politics.
(2005), 'Who Can Adjust to the Euro?', The World Economy.

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