Israeli Association for the

Study of European Integration

Dr. Rachel Frid de Vries, Adv.


She worked for 7 years as a Senior Public Official at the Israeli Ministry of Justice where she advised, formulated and represented State’s positions in international forums such as the EU, the WTO and the OECD.

Dr. Frid de Vries was accredited to the WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism under Israel’s Panelist List and to the Israeli panelist list under the free trade agreement between Israel and MERCOSUR. She is accredited to the Arbitrators list of the Israeli Institute of Commercial Arbitration, Tel Aviv. She is a member in the Committee on Trade and Investment Policy, ICC Israel. She is a member of the Israeli Bar and a member of the steering committee of the Israeli Association for the Study of European Integration.

She has vast experience in teaching, she organises and participates in professional conferences in Israel and abroad and she publishes in international law journals. For example:

Frid de Vries, R., ‘Domestic Judicial Acts, State's Liability and Arbitral Investment Tribunals’, Transnational Dispute Management (TDM, ISSN 1875-4120) special issue on "Judicial Measures and Investment Treaty Law", (Forthcoming 2019)

Frid de Vries, R., ‘EU Judicial Review of Trade Agreements involving Disputed Territories: Lessons from the Front Polisario Judgments’, (2018) 24 Columbia Journal of European Law (CJEL), 497-524

Frid de Vries, R. ‘Stability Shaken? Israeli High Court of Justice Strikes Down the Stabilization Clause in the Israeli Government’s Gas Plan’, The Journal of World Investment and Trade (JWIT), 18 (2017) 332-341

Frid de Vries, R., ‘EU, Membership in International Organizations or Institutions’ in Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law (EPIL), (Oxford University Press 2014), app. 23 pages

Frid R., ‘Liberalization and Juridification of Trade in Services within GATS: The Accountancy Sector’, in Reich A. (ed.), The WTO and Israel; Law, Economics and Politics, (Bar-Ilan University Press 2006) 221-270 (Hebrew)