Israeli Association for the

Study of European Integration

Professor Arie Reich

אריהרייךתמונהProfessor Arie Reich is the former Dean of the Faculty of Law of Bar Ilan University, Israel and he is a Jean Monnet Professor of EU Law & Institutions. He is himself a graduate of Bar Ilan University as well as of the Birkat Moshe Hesder Yeshiva in Ma'aleh Adumim. He earned his Master and Doctorate in Law from the University of Toronto, and specializes in International Economic Law and EU Law.

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Yoav Raskin

talsadehYoav Raskin is a doctoral student in the competitive fast-track PhD program at Tel Aviv University, where he focuses on democratic legitimacy of EU supranational governance, on the backdrop of political radicalization. He is a lead researcher in a quantitative research group on the Sustainability of the Eurozone, in which he co-authors three papers on the decline of German hegemony and the technocratization of bureaucrats. Yoav is a policy advisor for the strategic department in the Ministry of Education, coordinating four national policy initiatives on 21st century competencies and Turnaround of failing schools. As an undergraduate, he was first of his class and included twice on the Rector’s list and six times on the Deans’ lists, in the School of Political Science and the Interdisciplinary Program in the Humanities.

Naama Barak

naamabarakNaama Barak is a PhD candidate at the Hebrew University's European Forum. Her research focuses on the development of the European Community's policy on the Israeli-Arab conflict in the 1970s. Under the supervision of Prof. Elie Podeh and Dr. Gadi Heimann, Naama aims to shed light on a historically unexplored chapter in the European Community's foreign policy. Naama's main areas of academic interest are Europe-Middle East ties, Middle East history and the Israeli-Arab conflict. When not working on her research Naama is a huge news junkie, a passion not diminished by her years as an editor at Israel's leading English-language newspapers.

Dr. Amichai Magen

dramihaimagenDr. Amichai Magen is a Senior Lecturer (US Associate Professor) and Head of the MA Program in Diplomacy & Conflict Studies at the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy. He also heads the Governance & Political Violence Program at the Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT). Dr. Magen’s research and teaching interests include International Relations, Sovereignty, Democracy, and the Rule of Law; Political Violence; Governance in Areas of Limited Statehood; EU external relations and and EU-Israel relations. Amichai Magen received the Yitzhak Rabin Fulbright Award (2003) and was the first Israeli to be awarded the prestigious National Fellow Award at the Hoover Institution (2008). In 2016 he was named Richard von Weizsäcker Fellow of the Robert Bosch Academy, Berlin. He serves as a Principal Investigator in two Horizon 2020 research consortia, EU-LISTCO and RECONNECT. Amichai Magen served on the Executive Committee of the World Jewish Congress (WJC) and is a Board Member of the Israel Council on Foreign Relations (ICFR) and the Israeli Association for the Study of European Integration (IASEI). He also serves on the Editorial Board of the Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs (IJFA) published quarterly by Taylor & Francis..

Dr. Tal Sadeh

talsadehDr. Tal Sadeh is a senior lecturer at the School of Political science in Tel Aviv University and head of its European Union Studies program. In recent years he also held executive positions in the European Union Studies Association and in Israeli Association for International Studies. He holds a PhD in International Relations and an MA degree cum laude in Economics, both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His research and teaching interests include international political economy, and the political economy of the EU, in particular the single currency, as well as international institutions and governance structures, and the politics of finance. At the end of 2012 Dr. Sadeh was elected President of IASEI (Co-President with Prof. Alfred Tovias since May 2013). Dr. Sadeh established cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the Israeli-European Policy Network, with the help of which he organized conferences and seminars throughout 2013-2014. With the support of the Delegation of the European Union to Israel he initiated and managed the building of a new website of IASEI.

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Dr. Rachel Frid de Vries, Adv.

Dr Frid De Varis Pic

Dr. Frid de Vries is teaching International Trade and Arbitration Law, EU law and Public and Private International Law at Ono Academic College in Israel. Her research and consultation practice focuses on International Economic Law, in particular on International Investment Arbitration.

She defended her PhD thesis on EU and Global Multilateral Governance at the University of Amsterdam which was published as a book by Kluwer Law International. She did a Post-Doctoral research in International Trade Law at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA

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