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The Israeli Association for the Study of European Integration (IASEI)

IASEI was founded in 1992. It brings together academics and practitioners in Israel who specialize in the European Union. IASEI provides a forum for debate and a site for exchange of information about the EU, and actively promotes research and networking in this field. This association makes it possible for academic and non-academic experts in Israel on the EU to meet and learn about the work of their colleagues. Among the members of IASEI are government and industry officials, as well as students and professors from the leading universities in Israel.

The aims of IASEI are to:
1) Permit researchers working on European integration issues to collaborate; to initiate and encourage academic works on European Integration.
2) Provide a place where information between civil servants and academics can flow; to encourage the study and teaching of European Integration studies.
3) Strengthen European integration issues as a scientific discipline, through the organization of seminars and conferences.
4) Develop relationships with the associations for European studies in the world, as well as with the European Delegation in Israel.

IASEI is thankful for the support of the delegation of the EU to Israel which made this website possible

IASEI is grateful for the support and partnership of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in its activities

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